Ordering a Hoopla!Hoop is easy as 1•2•3

  1. Choose your Style (a / b / c / d / e / f ) and your Size (Standard 110 / Dynamic 102 / Trixter 95) If you're not sure of size, take a look at the 'Buying a Hoop' section of the home page for tips...
  2. Add your colours - using the colour chart, replace the colours of the 'design samples' below to create your design. Please make sure to choose the correct number of colours and types of colours (Base / Highlights / Grip / Speciality) as is listed next to each design style. 
  3. Fill out the request form at the bottom -or- e-mail your request to: hoops@hooplaberlin.com Once we've confirmed your request, your hoop will typically be ready in 2-3 days time for pick-up or delivery. 

Here are a few samples of hoops we've designed in the past ...use them to help inspire you

in designing your own special hoop! (click the pics to enlarge)

Hoop order request form...

Please fill out all fields below including a short message and then hit the SEND button - once received, we will send you a mail with payment and pick-up -or- delivery options to confirm your order. 

If you have any questions at all about design, about extra options or if you need advice with colour combos, etc. we're more than happy to help! ...use the Message field below or send a mail direct to hoops@hooplaberlin.com.

Note regarding hoop size: It is a good idea for everyone regardless of your size to start with a Standard hoop, unless you already have some previous experience. * For all sizing details take a look at the 'Buying a Hoop' section on our home page.