Opening and closing your hoop

How to open and close your Hoopla!Hoop

Just follow the instructions in the video below...

Rounding the hoop after opening: Once the hoop is unfolded (but before the joint is pushed together) stand on the part of the hoop opposite the joint, hold the two open ends in each hand and stretch (pull) them up-and-apart to increase the diameter of the tight folded curve to ensure there are no flat spots either side of the joint.

To make sure the hoop doesn't come apart under heavy rotation, push the joint together tightly before using the hoop. The extra tape (which is attached to the new hoop) is to go over the connection once the hoop is closed. A few rounds will secure the connection. * When opening and closing the hoop the same length of tape can be re-used several times.

In winter or when the hoop is cold, let it 'warm up' a bit before opening or closing.

If storing the hoop for long periods, it's best to leave it in the open position.

Enjoy the Hoopla! ...and if you have any questions at all we're happy to help - Team Hoopla!